Day 1 – Wednesday 17th November 2021


15:30-15:40      Welcome

                            Professor Arjen Slooter, President of the EDA

                            Marco Inzitari, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee.

15:40-16:40      Session 1. Impact of delirium on the society and on healthcare services

Chair: Alasdair M J MacLullich – Edinburgh Delirium Research Group, University of Edinburgh

15:40                       Impact and costs of delirium on the society

Speaker: Gideon Caplan – Sydney, New South Wales Australia

16:00                       Potential impact of delirium on lower and middle income countries

Speaker: Barbara Kamholz –Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, USA.

16:20                       Nutrition and delirium

Speaker: to be confirmed


16:40-17:00      Session 2. Co-production and implementation in the community: Lessons from the Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit.

                             Speakers: Emma Vardy and Helen Pratt – UK


17:00- 17:30       Break & Poster Viewing


17:30-18:30     KEYNOTE LECTURE

Chair: Marco Inzitari

Frailty and delirium: new insights as keys for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

 Speaker: Kenneth Rockwood – Division of Geriatric Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada


18:30-19:30     Session 3. Delirium and dementia in primary care and in the community

Chair: Stefan H. Kreisel – Germany

18:30                    Epidemiology of delirium and dementia in the community

Speaker: Daniel Davis – London UK

18:50                    Delirium and dementia: overlap and differences.

Speaker: Alessandro Morandi – Hospital Le Ancelle, Cremona, and Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, Barelona

19:10                    Living labs in dementia, a new perspective to assess vulnerable persons

Speaker: Jan PH Hamers- Maastricht University, The Netherlands



15:40                   Oral presentations from submitted abstracts (7 for 10’ each)

Chair: Sarah Richardson


18:30                   Oral presentations from submitted abstracts (5 for 10’ each)

Chair: Roberta Esteves Vieira de Castro


19:30                  European Delirium association AGM